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Trippen on Sprachgefühl Berlin

As a shoe retailer which sets great store by contemporary design, durability, sustainability and social responsibility,


we have been collaborating with Mrs Harriet Rössger for many years and are highly satisfied with our working relationship. She has translated and proofread several of our collection brochures, and invariably impressed us with her creative, precise and reliable work, creating aesthetic, empathetic descriptions in English which convince the customer entirely.

Carola Unruh, PR manager, Trippen

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Logo_amberpressGosia Warrink on Sprachgefühl Berlin

Founded in 2007, lifestyle publisher AMBERPRESS issues book projects in the design, architecture and travel segments, including the immensely popular


ICOON global picture dictionary. Mrs Harriet Rössger has translated regularly for us for many years, and impresses both us and our clients with her highly-professional work. Mrs Rössger has also provided translations for freelance design projects including ‘gosia gallery’. Stylistic flexibility, sensitivity to linguistic nuances and reliability are the hallmarks of her approach. We greatly value our excellent working relationship and look forward to further collaborations in future.

Gosia Warrink, designer and owner, AMBERPRESS

Logo_ahmAngelika Hermann-Meier PR on Sprachgefühl Berlin

Angelika Hermann-Meier PR has worked with Harriet Rössger for many years. We greatly appreciate her


personable manner and positive attitude and the fact that, with Harriet, problems simply don’t exist! She delivers excellent translations for our presentations from German into English rapidly and extremely reliably.

Angelika Hermann-Meier, founder and owner, AHM PR

Logo_akademieschlosssolitudeSolitude on Sprachgefühl Berlin

We have been collaborating with Harriet Rössger for several years now, and have found in her an excellent translator who


delivers challenging texts rapidly and reliably, with a high degree of accuracy. An artist-in-residence programme for artists and academics with fellows from eleven different disciplines, we are continually confronted with a diverse range of complex material, which Harriet Rössger translates expertly using her extensive specialist vocabulary and with flawless style. We warmly recommend her services.

Angela Butterstein, press and PR manager, Akademie Schloss Solitude

“Our clients are our best advertisement.”

Rainer Megerle